Table Top Design

Design for the table tops featured in the "Virtual Pad" Rooms at the Downtown Grand Hotel

Installing "Transmigrations" Behind the Scenes Pics...

I've been getting asked a lot how the murals were put up. They were printed on large strips of vinyl and adhered to the wall. I was impressed with how well the team was able to line the pieces up together. It was a really cool process to witness. One of the final photoshop files was over 40gb with over 1000 layers. Toward the end It was taking roughly 45 minutes to open and half an hour to save the .psb file. I ended up having to split the image into sections to continue working on it.

Transmigrations (Augmented Reality Murals)

"Transmigrations" consists of two 70'x100' collage murals located at the Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas Nevada. 112 rooms in the new hotel gallery tower have windows facing the murals, each with their own unique vantage point and the ability to view virtual content on the walls through IPads placed in each room. Curation & Management: Building 180 & We All Scream Fabrication & Music: Kurt Wahlberg Art Direction & App Development: Camila Magrane View video and images here-

Transmigrations Trailer

"Transmigrations" Trailer Augmented reality murals at the Downtown Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada